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Self-employed visa knowledge 1 2 3

Definition of Self-employed visa:

The main investor (the controlling shareholder of the newly established German company) as the general manager of the German company applies for a residence permit to manage the company. Direct or indirect shareholding in German companies should be higher than 50%.

1) Legal measurement standards:
Whether its investment is conducive to the development of the German economy, or can meet the special needs of a certain region, the project's financial support comes from self-raised capital. The feasibility of operating a project plan, the applicant's operating experience, the amount of investment, the impact of the project on the employment and retraining situation in Germany, and the project's green environmental protection, technological innovation and research and development capabilities.

2) Practice measurement standards:
**The company's registered capital is around 250,000 Euros. It will employ 3-5 staff in two to three years. The applicant has a good education and business background, and there is a great possibility of success.
* Audit agency: German Embassy, Foreign Affairs Bureau and Industry and Commerce Bureau (IHK)
*Term:              Two-year residence permit is granted upon approval, and two year later is extended for two years. After three years, an unlimited residence permit (commonly known as a green card) can be applied for. After eight years, you can apply for German citizenship.

3) Relative advantage:
You can apply for a green card after three years. There is no obligation to pay a fixed monthly salary to yourself (meaning that no monthly taxes and statutory insurance are required.)

4) Relative disadvantage:
The application time is relatively long, about 6 months. The spouse must apply for family reunification after the main applicant has obtained a visa. The application materials are complicated to prepare (for example, a detailed and detailed business plan must be drafted in German, about 40 pages). It is difficult to postpone the signing, and a lot of materials must be prepared to extend the signing to prove the company's sales and profitability, the employment of employees, shareholder dividends and tax payment.

Note: There is no immigration supervisor in Germany. During the period of residence permit, the applicant cannot leave Germany for more than half a year, that is to say, he needs to enter Germany once every six months. After getting an EU residence indefinitely (conditions similar to Germany's indefinite residence), you can enter the EU once a year. After receiving an indefinite stay, the residence permit will only be cancelled under extremely exceptional circumstances (such as a serious criminal offense).

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