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German company registration tips (Part 1)

The first step in starting a business in Germany is to register.

The registration process starts with the public business registration (Handelsregister) and the local trade office (Gewerbe / Ordnungsmat).

The German Business Register will provide information on all relationships between businessmen and business companies. All information is public and can be accessed by all companies. It provides information about the name of the partner, managing director, share capital, liability limits, initiation of bankruptcy proceedings or the dissolution and termination of the company.

1) Companies that need to be registered in Germany

Most companies operating in Germany must register. The registration is based on different criteria, such as the use of business accounting, capital resources, annual balances and number of employees. Small businesses such as private partnerships (GbR), freelancers and affiliates do not need to be registered in the business register.

Below, investors can find more detailed information about the types of companies that must be registered in Germany and other aspects related to the company registration process.

2) German registration procedure
In order to register in the business register, the business owner needs to contact a notary, who will submit an electronic certification form. For companies registered in the business register that are also part of the creation process, the limitation of liability is only valid after the company is registered. This is mainly for cooperation.

Please contact our German lawyer for more detailed information about the registration process. If you wish to go through the worry-free registration process, you can hand over the entire registration process to our German law firm.

3) Registration fees in Germany

The total cost of a registered company depends on its type. These fees include notarization and the fees charged by the local court to register and publish the company in the Federal Register (Bundesanzeiger).

Notary fees and other fees. All costs and fees are stipulated by law and depend on the number of partners and share capital. For your specific situation, please contact our lawyers for advice.

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