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German company registration tips (Part 2)

Procedure for registering a company in the German Business Registry:

-Obtain the name of the company at the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry

-Notary related documents

-Open a bank account in Germany

-The notary public submits all articles of association to the business register

-The local labor office will be notified about the company's business and standards

-Register with professionals in specific industries

-Notify the local labor office about the establishment of the company

-Register health and social insurance for employees

-Send documents to the tax office

The district court manages the German company

The district court manages the German business register. However, it is also possible to conduct an online check through the public registration portal of the German federal state.

The subsequent steps after company registration also include German VAT registration. And we remind investors that if they intend to engage in trading activities, they need to obtain the EORI number of the registered company.

For legal advice on registered companies, you can always contact the lawyers of our business consulting company in Germany for more details.

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