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How do I pass the German driver’s license test?
If you haven’t conquered the holy grail yet, you will need to pass the German driver’s license test first.

First comes the written part, which you need to pass within 12 months of submitting your application. Then the practical, which you need to pass within 12 months of passing the theoretical. In some cities you can take both tests in English, though that might cost extra.

Theory test
The theoretical test is comprised of 30 questions selected from the 1000 you studied. Each correct answer is awarded 2-5 points and if you miss more than 10 points worth of questions, you fail the test. There is a high failing rate (44% for the B class license in 2017!), so plan that into your budget and timeline.

There is no secret to succeed to the German driver’s license test: study, study, and study some more! There are some great apps that will guide you through the theoretical material, which includes all possible 1000 questions about traffic laws for the exam. Your driving school will also offer the book “Fahren Lernen Lehrbuch” for you to study. Although I have heard that most driving schools will let you buy your own material too.

Practical test
Once you’ve passed the written part, it’s on to the practical part of the German driver’s license test. Even if you already know how to drive, it’s a good idea to take at least one set of driving lessons to prepare for the test. The instructor should tell you when you’re ready to take the practical test.

The practical test takes less than an hour. First, you’ll need to answer some questions about the car’s functions. Then you’ll be told where to drive, usually through different types of streets and the Autobahn. The test will also cover several maneuvers, like parking or emergency braking. If you miss an important sign or do any illegal maneuvers, the examiner can fail you. The important thing is to stay calm and focus on following the rules of the road.

Once you’ve passed both tests, you’ll immediately receive a temporary sheet of paper as a license. You will have to wait a few weeks before picking up your German driver’s license at the Führerscheinstelle. For this, you can’t make an appointment unfortunately.

So this is it!

You’re ready to drive through cities, complain about bad drivers, grumble about limited parking options and speed along the Autobahn!

Just keep an eye out for the “Blitzer” or risk getting not-so-lovely picture if they catch you speeding. Your German driver’s license is also valid across Europe, so plan that trip to Sicily and hit the road!

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