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German Coronavirus mobile apps

Regarding the new corona virus, Germany has never calmed down to become an enemy. Now Germany is also learning from China and using the German version of the health code APP...

Germany launched a corona virus tracking application on Tuesday. The official said that even government ministers can use it, so this security is very high, although the developers admit that this is not perfect.

To track potential COVID-19 infections, smartphone apps have been touted as high-tech tools. Experts say that the rapid detection of new cases is the key to curbing the new cluster, especially when some countries are gradually getting rid of the blockade and trying to avoid the second wave of infections and deaths.

Like many other European tracking applications, the German system now relies on the standard low-energy Bluetooth technology found in modern smartphones. The app scans the user’s surroundings and records which other smartphones are nearby and how long it lasts.

If the person using the "Corona-Warn-App" has a positive COVID-19 test, they can inform others who are at least 15 minutes away from being infected.

The developers say that their recent tests correctly identified the contacts of 80% of people. 20% of people are still left, even if they are at a distance of more than 2 meters (6.6 feet), they are not found very close to the infected person, or are considered exposed.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said: "This application is not a panacea, it can't give you a free ride." He pointed out that masks and manual tracking are still required. "But this is an important tool to curb the pandemic."

Regarding coronaviruses, friends should wash their hands more, wear masks, have fewer parties... and pay more attention to personal hygiene.

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