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Who can travel to the EU again from July

EU allows non-EU travellers to enter
Who can travel to the EU again from July? The first batch of agreements is emerging, and China will likely be on the first batch of lists.

The European union will lift the entry ban on third countries. Representatives of EU countries have drafted a preliminary list of about 18 countries, which may be updated every two weeks in response to current infections. Travelers from countries such as the United States, Russia, and Brazil will temporarily not be allowed to travel to the European Union. For travelers from countries such as China, South Korea or New Zealand, the entry restrictions will be lifted in July. According to the latest information, the EU countries will make a decision on Monday (No. 29).

New infection average is the most important measure
The key criterion for future entry permits is the number of people newly infected with Covid 19 within two weeks before the trip begins. For every 100,000 inhabitants, the number of new infections in the country should be "close to or below 16"-in other words, the EU average. Compared with the previous 14 days, the trend of new cases during the same period should be "stable or declining". The United States certainly does not meet this EU standard, and citizens from Russia and Brazil will not receive entry permits. However, for China, there will be no entry ban.

Britain plans to relax isolation
At the same time, the British government's policy of automatic quarantine for 14 days of entry since June 8 has been criticized by airlines and the tourism industry, because the British government will also decide to relax the quarantine requirements for travelers from certain countries. The London government announced next week that it will release a list of "low risk" countries where people can enter the UK without automatic quarantine for 14 days. In the near future, there will be talks with countries such as France, Greece and Spain. The new immigration policy may be implemented on July 6.

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