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Elements of buying resold housing

Whether it's a house or an apartment-you should always keep a close view when viewing the property. Can the object fulfill all wishes? Is there any ambiguity? At best, a broker or expert with appropriate expertise will be by your side.
After a property search, house visits are the next extremely important step to your home. This is the only way to get a first impression and get important information. Below, we have collected seven common sense as tips that laymen should follow when looking for accommodation. We have also compiled a list of the most important points, which will help you to visit next time.

1. During the house inspection: estimate the cost of upcoming repairs
It is not uncommon to renovate a house after purchase. The house inspection helps to outline it. In order to plan better, it is recommended to prepare specific cost estimates for planned measures-this can avoid unpleasant surprises. Also distinguish which repairs are essential and which visual changes can still wait.

2. Check the actual size of the attribute
Therefore, you can not only find that the size of the house does not match the living space specified in the contract after purchasing the house, but also view the house file to check the information during the property inspection. If necessary, you can of course also use a ruler for rough measurements.

3. Home visit: low heating cost-good insulation effect?
If the heating cost of the property is low, you can start with good thermal insulation properties. However, please always ask whether the property is unoccupied throughout the year during the house inspection. Because in the idle stage, due to lack of use, heating costs are greatly reduced. As we all know: Regarding energy performance certificates, only demand reports based on objective building values can provide information about actual consumption. However, the proof of consumption depends on the personal habits of previous residents.

4. Important when visiting the house: check the heating
The conventional chimney sweep report only provides information about the value of the exhaust; there is no heating status in it. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read the documents of the annual company inspection as part of the house inspection because it also describes the performance of the system. In addition to the test report, experts should also check the heating system, because in the case of outdated performance, especially pipes and radiators may become old.

5. Precautions when visiting the house: pay attention to hidden costs
When buying older properties, you must note that since 2014, renovation requirements have been carried out in accordance with the Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV). For example, standard oil and gas boilers older than 30 years may no longer operate. Heating and hot water pipes must also be insulated. In addition, by 2015, if the top floor does not have "minimum insulation", it must be insulated into an unheated attic. Make sure that the seller has completed all necessary modifications, otherwise it may be expensive for the buyer.

6. Is there a lack of building permits?
If the house is renovated or a garage, winter garden or garden shed is installed, it should still be checked whether these structures have been approved by the authorities or even unapproved during the house inspection process. If the building permit is missing, a part of the building may be demolished.

7. Check the year of construction of doors and windows during house inspection
The old doors and windows of the house do not have to be replaced. But their insulation value is usually much worse than that of new windows. When visiting the house, the year the window was built can be seen on the small metal sign. Glass with insulated windows is usually located between the panes. For doors, you can usually see the year of construction in the display. If you don’t want to replace all doors and windows at once, but are disturbed by unpleasant drafts, you can achieve positive changes by replacing the porous seal.

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